Dust-off Anti Static Plastic Cleaner

Care should be taken to avoid scratching the surface of the material whilst cleaning. Always use a very soft, lint-free cloth i.e. micro fibre and wipe the surface, Do NOT scrub.

Spray Dust-off cleaner onto a clean cloth & gently wipe over the surface of the plastic, excess cleaner can be removed by turning the cloth over to the dry side & again gently wipe over the area. Never use a dry cloth on its own.

Never use house hold cleaners, spirits or furniture polishes as these may scratch the surface or produce small stress cracks (crazing) in the plastic.

DO NOT spray onto hot surfaces.


Use Dust-off to clean and remove static charge form all Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate & mirror sheets and POS plastic products. Dust-off can also be used to clean glass, windows & even monitor screens (for best results use on cold screens).

Acrylic in its nature is prone to static which in turn will attract dust. If you use an ordinary dust cleaner this may make matters worse by creating even more static.

Dust-off is a specialied product that has a measurable anti-static affect & contains no silicones or particles.

Dust-off is available in 500ml trigger spray bottles or 10L drums.