About Our Team

At DEP fabrications LTD we are capable of many different fabrication processes and provide a wide range of services. We have an extensive web of knowledge between the fabricators, designers, directors and owner, pulled altogether it would amount to over a 100 years worth of experience in the fabrication industry.

We have an extensive skill set with our fabricators and whether you need a one off fabrication service or require an on going job of multiple parts we are happy to help.

About Our Founder

Malcolm Bage

I started the company in 1965 on the kitchen table making covers for the railway. When I married Diana in 1966, many an evening was spent working together on orders …. and so began my thoughts of a family business. For the family, with the family.

Over the years the company has evolved, a couple of name changes and moving to larger premises. We’ve always stayed local between Letchworth and Hitchin, to bring us to where we are now. A family run business with 3 generations of family working together and a great team working beside us that I’ve always thought of as my work family.

We helped create this home made water feature by making an acrylic base to stop the water and create a flat surface for the pump to sit on.#acrylic #waterfeature #plasticfabrication #plasticfabricators #hitchinbusinesses #hitchinbusiness #plastics #garden #diy #gardeninspiration
We had the pleasure of helping create these one of a kind lights that are on Portsmouth Millennium Promenade.#millenniumpromenade #portsmouth #plasticsfabrication #plasticfabricators #hitchinsmallbusiness #hitchinbusinesses #lights #oneoffpieces #bespoke #bespokelighting
We had the pleasure of making rollers and stoppers for the screens on the Roger Waters European tour.Thank you @wonder_works_ltd and wowaxis for this opportunity#rogerwaters #rogerwatertour2023 #roller #stageequipment #plasticfabrication #plasticfabricators #hitchinsmallbusiness #hitchinbusinesscommunity
Explore Our Services

Here at DEP Fabrications 80% of our work is bespoke taking your ideas and requirements from the initial designs stage through to full production whether it be a one-off unit or a large production run. Our services include:

Machining & Cutting

We have been providing CNC machining in Hertfordshire for over 25 years and our CNC routers are now capable of machining up to 75mm. We also provide a range of cutting a polishing services.

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3d printing plastic fabrication in the UK

Plastic Fabrication

We're the experts in plastic fabrication in the UK and we're best known for services such as plastic welding, acrylic display cases and P.O.S display stands.

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P.O.S Displays

In high foot-fall areas P.O.S display stands are a great way of attracting attention to a range of products by printing your branding and relevant information on it.

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Display Cases

We're a leading bespoke museum display case manufacturer in the UK that's renowned for our impeccable finish and bubble free glue joints.

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Fretwork Panels

Made to measure, these bespoke fretwork panels add a unique personal touch to any room or space. These panels are also great as dividers.

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Illuminated Signs

We're an experienced illuminated signage manufacturer and we offer an array of colours and thicknesses to make any design you desire.

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